Back-office Solutions

Improve back-office processes and lower costs with our flexible, nimble and intelligent solutions to enable a next generation service delivery.

Back-office is the backbone of any e-Government. It plays an essential role in facilitating government agencies to deliver citizen and business services timely and efficiently. However, often the front-office functions are dominatingly addressed over the back-office operations.

Today, top-most government agencies are putting focus on the back-office operations that may require information exchange between departments and streamlining of processes in order to increase efficiency and transparency.

Octaware helps Government agencies with its back-office solutions enabling departmental collaboration, increase efficiency and transparency, transform improved service delivery and heighten citizen satisfaction.

  • Application Migration and Modernization
  • Unified Communication
  • Business Process Management
  • Technology Assessments

  • Environmental Mapping and Ecological Planning System
  • GIS Cloud Solution
  • eQuire – Office Procurement Solution