Government Services

With Octaware’s solutions overcome lack of transparency, enhance agility in transactions and bridge the accountability gap between parts of a government that facilitates citizens and enterprises.

Governments providing services to other parts of government is the cornerstone of e-Government. This entails government agencies to apprise their own core systems and processes before commencing digital transactions with citizens and business entities.

At Octaware, we bring together our expertise, insightful ideas and 100+ man-years’ experience in IT arena to build up innovative, sophisticated and intelligent solutions that will facilitate collaboration between various levels of government and empower the intra and inter-departmental partnerships to deliver services to citizens and businesses more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

IT Strategic Planning
Cyber Security Solution
Web Security Audit and Compliance
Capacity Building
Process Automation System
Incident Management System

Case Study

Octaware’s Case Management Solution provide support to complex case process thereby reducing cycle times, improving productivity and decision making.