Oil & Gas

It is no doubt that the oil and gas sector is considered as the world’s largest industry. Oil and Gas industries are facing several challenges like health and environment risks, regulatory and compliance, uncertain energy policy, increasing cost and new operational challenges including unfamiliar environments. With the increasing complexity of projects and multiple stakeholders, organizations depend on real time access to accurate information to overcome these challenges.

How Octaware Helps

At Octaware, we help the organizations to manage their complete value chain from upstream to downstream activities. Our comprehensive solutions helps organizations to maximize profit, lower operational costs, with increased productivity and asset optimization. We help the organization to collaborate with different stakeholders, asset partners, suppliers, engineers, production and maintenance communities that will give unprecedented performance excellence.


  • Web Portal Solutions
  • Enterprise Resources Management
  • Asset Information Management
  • Geospatial Intelligence Application
  • Document and Record Management
  • Supply and Logistic Management