Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) defined as “the ethical behavior of a company towards the society” manifests itself in the form of noble welfare programs initiated by not-for-profit organizations. CSR has become increasingly prominent in the Indian corporate scenario because organizations have realized that besides growing their businesses it is also vital to build trustworthy and sustainable relationships with the community at large. This is one of the key drivers of CSR programs.

Another reason fuelling this rapid adoption of CSR is the state of the Indian society. Though India is one of the fastest growing economies, socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare etc. are still ubiquitous and the government has limited resources to tackle these challenges. This scenario has opened up several areas for businesses to contribute towards social development.

Today, CSR in India has gone beyond merely charity and donations, and is approached in a more organized fashion. It has become an integral part of the corporate strategy. Companies have CSR teams that devise specific policies, strategies and goals for their CSR programs and set aside budgets to support them.

CSR @ Octaware
At Octaware the philosophy of CSR is incorporated in our vision itself “To serve, add value and create growth for individuals, businesses and entities to become self-sustained and an active contributor to global development”, because we believe that our responsibility is not just towards our stake holders (both internal & external) but towards the entire society. For us CSR has come a long way. From responsive activities to sustainable initiatives, we intend to make a significant difference in the society and improve the overall quality of life. This philosophy has always guided us to try and do that ‘extra’ bit for the society.

CSR has always been an integral part of the vision of Octaware and the cornerstone of our core value of good corporate citizenship. Since inception, we have been pledging a significant portion of our annual profit to social activities every year, which includes caring for needy, enabling a health echo system, and creating self-sustainable environment. We focus on holistic development wherein we support the needy to become self-reliant by providing them opportunities to become self-reliant. With the sincere intentions we were able to help and impact the life of many families every year.

As it is said, “Contribution to the society is the rent we need to pay to stay on this planet.”