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PowerERM | Employee Relationship Management System
PowerERM is an web based application which keeps the track of all the employee data and functionality that are carried out in an organization.

Hospice – Hospital Information Management System
Octaware HIMS is an integrated information system designed to manage the Administrative, Financial and Clinical aspects of a Hospital. HIMS provides very effective policy decision making tools for middle & top level management. HIMS provide strong front-end for hospital user for the customized and re-engineered processes to ensure optimum utilization of equipment and manpower.

iOnAsset | Asset Tracking and Management System
iOnAsset is a web based Asset tracking and management system, it has the ability of end to end asset management and sophisticatedly tracking of every individual asset, here asset administrator can control all the asset by sitting at one place, can manage every individual asset in an organization, and can smartly identify the movement of every individual asset.

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RealWin | Real Estate CRM Solution
RealWin is a web-based Property Management Solution, which provides end-to-end property management. It can sophisticatedly track every discrete detail of properties, its availability & customer details.

eDocNet | Enterprise Content and Document Management System

eDocNet is an web based Electronic Document Management System which manages the full life-cycle of the documents and records in an organization.

eQuire | Office Automation and eProcurement Solution

eQuire is a web-based application which ensure that employees and managers to update their request and view transaction history and information in one place across all the procurement as well as administration processes.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Leveraging the potentials of Microsoft SharePoint for Healthcare sector
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with broader functionality makes it a most unique enterprise solutions available in the market to overcome challenges faced by Healthcare sector.

Microsoft SharePoint: Streamline processes and improve productivity in the Manufacturing sector
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides solutions to large manufacturing industries by way of collaborating and search capabilities. It also provides features to integrate for designing workflows and streamlining processes. To take better business decisions, SharePoint 2013 also offers dashboards with better insights. /

Microsoft SharePoint for the Banking and Financial Services Industry
Banking and Financials services sector subject to strong regulations and higher degrees of prudential scrutiny uses Microsoft SharePoint that improves information governance and compliance.

Using Microsoft SharePoint in the Real Estate Industry
Microsoft SharePoint provides Real Estate and Construction Industry with the technologies and framework to deliver the best solution to overcome their many challenges.

Managing projects and improving operational efficiency with Microsoft SharePoint for Oil and Gas sector
Microsoft SharePoint provides effective workflows, project management features reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency for Oil and Gas sector in its three different segments.

Using Microsoft SharePoint’s features to manage the processes in the Pharma and Life Sciences sector
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 provides solutions to large pharmaceuticals industries by way of enhancing compliance requirements, streamline existing business processes, increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, meet regulatory requirements, and thus improving and simplifying the user experience.