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Product Engineering

In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical and primary need of any organization are optimum time-to-market, lower cost, and best possible quality. Companies are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, cost optimization requirements, and demand for the richer feature sets. This requires innovative approaches to product development and continuous optimization of business processes. With the right expertise, our product team helps customers transform their vision into real products at optimum cost and timeline.

With the ever-changing IT initiatives, enterprises often face the ‘build vs. buy’ decision, made even more complex by the need for adding new models such as Cloud or SaaS. Organizations need a partner who can help them gain a competitive edge by enabling them to take advantage of unprecedented innovation opportunities while streamlining their product development life cycle operations to create a resilient core. Octaware Technologies, brings the necessary product engineering expertise to innovate, design, build, test, upgrade and scale complex next-generation products hence helping organizations to reduce time-to-market and improve scalability and maintainability of solutions.


Octaware Technologies aims at helping organisations gain a competitive edge by leveraging new technologies to drive innovation, manage scalability and explore new markets. With a focus on Mobile, Cloud and Social technologies we can help you accelerate business transformation through a smart, secure and connected experience. We take a research and analysis based approach towards cost, performance, and feature trade-offs to help companies surmount the challenges of timely deliver high-quality and low-cost products to the marketplace.

In the current realm of competitive business ecosystem, enterprises are undergoing unprecedented transformation. Octaware having aware of this developed a troupe of Products bringing in agility, efficiency while being affordable; that will help you converge in strategizing for your competitive business objectives.

Octaware’s unwavering endeavor is to provide state-of-the-art products for diverse industries such as:

  • PowerERM – Employee Relationship Management
  • HOSPICE – Hospital Information Management
  • iOnAsset – Automated Asset Tracking and Management
  • SifaCareMD – Urgent Care Clinic Management
  • OTM – Telemedicine application for Doctor Consultation



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