Information technology has evolved rapidly in recent years – a development marked predominantly by the emergence of Industry 4.0 worldwide. In India, growth in IT has been complemented by increasing internet penetration and ease of internet access in recent years. Digitization is being prioritized in commerce and governance, be it small businesses, local administration or large-scale operations.

Cloud technologies entered the enterprise agenda by offering a faster, smarter and lighter technology infrastructure. In recent years, organizations have harnessed cloud to address specific business imperatives like real-time customer segmentation or quicker time to market. Today, cloud platforms have become core to an organization’s innovation ecosystem delivering accelerated value by driving new business models. The global pandemic has also highlighted the role of cloud in enabling business resilience, accelerating its adoption further.

For enterprises with an innovation-led transformation mindset, the business value derived from cloud is broadly along three lines, which together drive continuous transformation:

Scaling enterprise capability :
The flexibility that cloud enables allows businesses to achieve fit-for-purpose scale, which in turn ensures resiliency in operations as companies can expand or contract the technology capabilities to suit the market requirements at speed. With the IT infrastructure modernized through cloud-native apps, businesses can configure IT to adapt for business goals quickly.

Driving agile innovation :
The speed to value and configurability allow businesses to experiment with innovations at all levels – business models, operating models, products and services. The massive shift in operating model forced by COVID-19, where companies had to enable remote working for their employees, recalibrate supply chains and find new customer channels, was made possible through cloud.

Enhanced business value :
Cloud capabilities are central to unlocking the promise of artificial intelligence. Right from embedding and gathering data from every function and application to using IoT and edge computing, cloud provides the basis for latest innovations in human-machine collaboration, enabling business value realization at various levels

How Octaware Helps

We believe every company has a unique purpose and growth journey. Your success story will be defined by your strategy to enable agility, innovation, and resilience. Cloud empowers you to scale rapidly, seize emerging opportunities, and future-proof your business.

While digital accelerators optimize the journey to cloud and ensure a cloud-native infrastructure and approach, it is important to customize cloud solutions to business requirements specific to an industry for a close alignment with business goals.

Octaware Technologies’s cloud modernization services ensure a seamless transition from legacy monoliths to microservices-based cloud architectures leveraging automation and AI. Building a seamless environment with cross-functional digital workflows for increased employee engagement and the future of work, unlocks the value by delivering the right digital employee experience from anywhere, reduce costs and improve productivity.

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