Healthcare Providers

Octaware solutions help healthcare providers such as Hospitals and other healthcare-focused organizations improve process effectiveness to provide personalized healthcare while improving financial outcomes amid the regulatory reforms and increasing costs.

Aligned With unprecedented changes in the healthcare, ever-increasing costs and rule-compliance the healthcare industry transitions itself to provide value-based and patient-centric healthcare delivery models.

Healthcare providers are demanding more technology innovations that address patient-focused engagement. Octaware’s radical healthcare provider solutions creates a patient-centric framework through a purpose-built, interdisciplinary collaborative environment and well-streamlined processes while complying to the regulatory reforms.

How Octaware Helps

At Octaware, we enable healthcare organizations to improve their workflow and information management through our integrated healthcare solution. We provide an end-to-end solution from patient admission to billing and claim settlement by adopting technological advances such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and Social Media.

Practice Management System (PMS)
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
PACS Integration
Clinical and Business Intelligence
Interoperability Testing
EMR Optimization and Legacy Modernization
Integration with EMR and data exchanges
Healthcare CRM & Marketing
National eHealth Framework
mHealth solutions


Hospital Information Management System

A healthcare software solution which connects key stakeholders patients, practitioners and providers to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting.


Clinical Document Management And Archiving Solution

Empower clinicians and staff with ready availability of patient information enhancing overall patient care, reduced medical errors, lower operational costs improving medical data management.


Octaware’s Hospice improved patient care and enhanced operational efficiency for a healthcare provider across it’s multi-branch hospital in India.