Database Management

We believe that a better designed and managed database at least doubles the performance of the application. We understand that database designing is critical to application stability and performance. The technical team at Octaware has experience of setting up and working with different databases that range from a simple MySQL to the complex Oracle database servers.

We ensure the clients get productive results when provided with well-designed, highly sophisticated, fast and efficient database solutions. Whether you need a database supported website, a customer relationship management application, or want to incorporate an Oracle database server with any complex structure, Octaware can give you outstanding database application services.

Clients can benefit in many ways from our Database Management solutions –
Your systems become highly structured
The data is collected in one place to give an easy access whenever and wherever required.
The applications run efficiently with well-designed database management systems.
It improves the business processes, the way of working and reduces the data replication.
It enhances the overall performance and productivity of the users and the business.
Database Management Services
Database design and implementation
Database Administration
Maintenance and patch management
Cross database migration
Systems monitoring
Performance Tuning
Database Skills
Microsoft SQL Server
NoSQL Database