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Enterprise Resource Planning (Microsoft Dynamics AX)

An Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is the need of today’s technology and business areas. ERP solutions help in automating the business activities and speed up the transactions across the organizations. Octaware is aware of the need of the hour, and therefore has arranged services for providing efficient and customized ERP solutions implementation.

Octaware gives the facility of ERP outsourcing to the clients. We will be your outsourcing partners providing you constant support and maintenance to the ERP solution tailored for you. Also, we will provide you with more solutions for the entire ERP development and implementation life cycle. We are aware that ERP solutions cost a lot, and we not only have good expertise but also have a good planning to minimize the costly risks in ERP implementation.

Octaware will develop an application, which is best suitable for your kind of business and work environment. We develop high-quality ERP solutions, which are cost-effective and according to your calculated budget. We consider ERP solutions as the best possible way of giving endless results to your business by –

Facilitating up to date decision making
Saving lot of time and resource in integrating the different business functions
Avoiding the gap between the demand and service providing capability of your organization
Increasing the efficiency in achieving goals, objectives and targets
Establishing better communication channels among the various departments of the organization

Octaware takes the challenge of ERP implementation, aware of its capabilities as an ERP service provider. We make sure that our client has the best ERP solutions implemented in the organization. Octaware not only has the right capabilities, but proper security systems and infrastructure to implement the ERP solutions.

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ERP Platforms

Microsoft Dynamics AX Center of Excellence

Octaware is Microsoft Business Solutions Partner. Octaware has established its Microsoft Dynamics Center of Excellence (COE) since early 2007. Today the COE of Octaware has over domain & technical experts and able project managers specializing in Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM. Around 80% of the experts are certified professionals of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM in their respective competencies. Apart from having AX and CRM experience, the experts also have industry experience in their respective domains.

The COE at Octaware has experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX relating to business process consulting, solution architecting, infrastructure setup, installation, implementation services, training, and support & maintenance.These services have been provided to multiple clients’ worldwide, which include clients from USA, India, Middle East, Africa and Australia. Most of Microsoft Dynamics AX projects relating to these services were successfully provided to Medium to large enterprises. Based on this experience, the COE has formulated structured delivery models to handle completely onsite / completely offsite / hybrid implementations.