ERP & CRM Implementation

Enterprises today in this competitive domain verge on making their business processes be more competitive, streamlined and efficient. That is why, we at Octaware having 100+ man-years acumen in the Business Solutions in diverse industries can help you to stay focused on your core business objectives while we deliver value aligned to your strategic goals out of your ERP and CRM Implementations.

How Octaware Helps

Our dedicated team of consultants will help you with consulting, implementation, post-implementation, user-training and support for your Business Solution services.

As a strategic partner working in unison with us, will give you an unprecedented edge of being agile, efficient, productive and competitive.

Know more of our below-listed Business Solution services :

ERP Implementation Services

Octaware with its proven approach will help you towards selecting and implementing ERP as aligned with your competitive business goals. We offer high-quality and affordable ERP implementation services that will result in efficient and productive organization.

CRM Implementation Services

Octaware has been implementing CRM solutions for years now. We have been providing our consulting and implementation services to various verticals ranging from Real Estate and Construction, Software Consulting, Contracting and Hiring, Education, etc.