Our team at Octaware is committed to help you to increase productivity for better business. The service is delivered through sharp and creative thinking, state-of-art development, and strict project management by our consultants. Continuous and regular training of our team members enhances all these skills to always provide you with innovative and high-quality solutions. Thus resulting in saving time and money of our customers. Our Bridge of Productivity brings higher and improved performance to your business.

Our end-to-end solutions with inbuilt high quality are the starting edge of your journey in the business world. Our team specializes in web, ecommerce, applications and systems development as well as in Microsoft platform services and database management systems.

Our offshore services enable you to build, manage and implement projects cost-effectively in a flexible environment. We evaluate your needs and we tailor solutions to suit your strategy. We have a well-defined offshore methodology, “To understand your processes and implementation objectives of your business and then propose a road map to your solutions.”

The types of services we offer are

If you are thinking to improve the productivity and give your business a boost through any of our provided services, do not dwell on it any longer, contact us directly to discuss how Octaware can become your Partner and what we can do to help you meet your objectives.

Indicative Business Domain

Our team has experience of designing, developing, implementing and managing solutions in several business domains including –


Healthcare is transforming. The industry is redefining from its traditional approach to more

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Financial Services

Financial Services sector is seeing a paradigm shift in the regulatory environment, risk management

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Governments worldwide are confronting with various challenges as concerns to demographic shifts

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Education sector is transforming rapidly by way of teaching, learning and research. The industry

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The business ecosystem of Telecom industry is changing irrevocably. It is transforming with an unprecedented

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Oil and Gas

It is no doubt that the oil and gas sector is considered as the world’s largest industry. Oil and Gas industrie

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Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction industries are growing rapidly with booming economy.

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With the globalization soaring up, ever-changing market demands and a verge to enhance customer

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