Brokerage Management System

IntelliTrade is a comprehensive brokerage management suite that powers a trader to build strategy, analyse the market and seize opportunities with an easy-to-use interface, sophisticated tools, advance charting, enhanced news feeds and cohesive research capabilities. The suite includes cutting-edge analytical and professional tool for stock traders with rapid trading capabilities.

Build Strategy
Custom Charting
Displays Charts for a symbol based on the selection of chart style and time range, time frequency along with upper and lower technical indicators.
Integrated Index Research
Helps you watch upto a number of indices at one time. Also you can add user defined indices based on a number of stocks and the weighting methods.
Profit/Loss Graphs
View depth charts for detailed movement of a stock for strategy to be profitable.
Stay updated of Market
Open Orders
Manoeuvre through list of current open orders to choose from the options within a selected market or multi-markets from a single easy-to-use interface.
Real-time Quotes
Track the volatility of market with easy access to data. Work with Level II to get in-depth, real time quote information just beyond the best bid and asks for stocks and options. View different price levels, size, market maker IDs and exchanges for buy and sell sides of the market, as well as the most recently executed price.
Enriched News Feeds
Get real-time market information with online trading news, for the active and high volatile stocks that will aid in making wise moves.
Quote Scope
Quote Scope is an innovative tool designed to constantly monitor liquidity changes within the market and let the traders react to them instantly. It is a powerful trading tool for active traders which allows user to view Level I and II regional listed equity quotes and to place orders with one click.
Zero-in on Opportunities
Access market info under single platform
View market data, seize opportunity and place the order under one interface with one click. Easy-to-use interface that unifies advanced charts, integrated research, and news all at one place.
Portfolio Management
Portfolio management helps the traders to see their portfolio allocation and make informed decisions about his risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. It shows a client holding in real time in order to calculate the gain/loss and other fields in real time.
Actives boosts the informed decisions of traders by displaying real-time, most-active, top-ten lists of the stocks within a wide range of intra-day timeframes. Equips active traders to seize on the opportunity by letting them select from a specific exchange, types of securities, shares traded, trades and time intervals (as short as 1 minute or as long as an entire day).

Trading and Account Management

Cash Balances
Open Orders
Trade Ticket
Order Status
Message Log

Analysis and Charting Tools

Watch List
Market Watch
Level II Quotes
Last Sale
Depth Chart
Quote Scope
Static Chart

Custom Layout Management

Layout Management
Short-cut for the static chart
Global settings and views
Linking tools



Security and Privileges

User security and privileges
Subscription-based access


Flexible to support Options, Bonds and other type of securities