Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango

Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango

Microsoft is doing good on the its mobile platform lately. After the launch of Windows phone 7, industry had given various kinds of reviews on its survival and plans for future. Looking at the plans of its next major release after 7 code named mango, which is set to release this fall it looks like Microsoft has been rigorously working hard to make headway into the already crowded mobile OS market.

It things looks impressive in the manner Microsoft has been able to get the next version quickly with many new features and enhancements. I thought of sharing few of these I found while surfing the net.

Social networks are now getting more embedded into the OS level. Using the Me hub, users can directly login to Facebook and get updates on notifications.  The live tile allows users status updates, check-in, comments etc. It is assumed twitter also will be tightly integrated to the OS. Using the automatic face detection, tagging becomes much easier on Facebook photo albums.

Another major enhancement has been on the email front. Now users have the option of combining multiple email accounts to bind them in single inbox.  There has been good improvement on the email conversation font too. There has been addition of voice dictation, so users will be able to speak out message and can have the incoming message spoken to you.

Maps are also getting better with integration with Local Scout to find business around user’s location.  This version comes with Internet Explorer 9 with full support of HTML5/CSS3.

Overall it looks like a good new release with decent number of feature additions and enhancements. Though it cannot be said, it will be a threat to the other mobile OS giants but it looks like it is catching closer to the other ones.


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