Useful tips on communication while Dealing with Client (Part-II)

Useful tips on communication while Dealing with Client (Part-II)

This blog is continuation of previous blog. I will describe next tips on dealing international client.

7- DO NOT INTERRUPT when they are speaking

Int’l Clients Context: As a general matter of form, Indians interrupt each other constantly
in meetings – DO NOT INTERRUPT a client when they are speaking. Over the phone, there could be delays but wait for a short time before responding.

8- When explaining some complex issue, stop occasionally and ask “Does that make sense?”. This is preferable than “Did you understand me?”

9- Do Not use of word “mailed” in email writing.

India Context: “I have mailed the information to you”, it means you’ve sent an actual letter or package through the postal system.”

Int’l Clients Context: In American English, a mail is a posted letter. An email is electronic mail.

The correct usage is: “I have emailed the information to you”

10- Do Not use of word “prepone” in email writing.

Indian Context: To “prepone” an appointment is an Indian usage.

Int’l Clients Context: There is no actual word called prepone.  You can “advance” an appointment

11- Proper Pronounce for word “tier” used in software design

Indian Context: In the term “N-tier Architecture” or “3-tier Architecture”, the word “tier” is NOT pronounced as “Tyre”.

Int’l Clients Context: The correct pronunciation is “tea-yar”. The “ti” is pronounced as “tea”.

12- Usage of Month End

Indian Context: The usages “September End”, “Month End”, “Day End” are not understood well by Americans.

Int’l Clients Context: They use these as “End of September”, “End of Month“ or “End of Day”.

I will brief more in next series. Little precaution will help us lot in project management communication part.


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