Perception about Life.

Perception about Life.

A very simple word that describes your entire living period of time. Is that it?
Well, I am wondering about it. Life is not just a limit of time lived, life is something even greater, more beyond than a human can think. It is being considered by few experts that there is life outside of our world, do they expire like our bodies? I may not be able to answer that but I can imagine life far beyond just by living into this world, Life is what you make it!

What do u want to do with your life?
The word Life becomes meaningful when one knows the purpose of their life. I want to have a family, I want to buy things, house, car, money, etc. Is this all to call it a meaningful life? I had seen a video where a person has come under a crane and nobody passing from there waited and helped (not even who was driving it). Everybody is too much busy making their life and securing it. I don’t know my purpose of life since I am very less experienced than all of the experts but Life becomes meaningful, when you give life to someone who needs it. The hard-earned money when you give it to the needful, the house when you provide to the homeless to spend the night, the car when you can give a ride to someone who is in need. Its helping people for the sake Humanity without any greed or expectation.

What is the value of your Life?
I am a big man, I am a CEO, I am a Marketing guy, etc. Ok! I would like to mention one important thing. The world in which we are living is a part of a Milky way which is 1 lakh light-years, amazing fact Earth is just 0.0001 percent of our Milky way. Experts has said there are millions of Milky ways in the Universe which is called as Ultimate Universe as they have discovered yet. Now, as they say the Ultimate Universe is just a drop from a waterfall. You can consider what is the value of our world and an Individual. Living a life which has a value of dust, should be made meaningful.

What do you want to become?
I want to become an Engineer, a doctor, a CEO, an Entrepreneur very basic expectation of a human. Everybody is in a race to become something, does anybody thinks of being a good human being. A good human being has Humanity, it is something which people lack in today’s society. Our society has become a show where people display how good they are from outside. But what about the real goodness which comes from heart. Humanity is the quality that makes us human, Be it!

Anil Shukla
Marketing Executive

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