India Entrepreneur Club – Mumbai Entrepreneurs Meet @ BSE Conventional Hall on 14th October 2017

India Entrepreneur Club – Mumbai Entrepreneurs Meet @ BSE Conventional Hall on 14th October 2017

Mumbai Entrepreneurs meet organized by India Entrepreneurs Club (IEC) in which more than 100+ companies had participated into the session. The speakers provided wide range of knowledge which was focused on growing business for start-ups to lead the company along with individual to grow their businesses.
Here are few of the things shared by speaker’s:
Mr. Sanjay Mehta – Angel PE Investor: Doing things Well

  1. What do you intend to offer? Whom do you Intend to offer? What that they would be able to recognize?
  2. Answer for that is very simple – You have to offer your best services to the customers/clients which will help the them to recognize the company’s true potential.
  3. Be fast & reliable along with being steady.
  4. Analyze SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to improve yourself as an individual and to improve your organizations culture.

Aakrit Vaish – Co founder Haptik Inc: Sales Mistakes

  1. Build personal relationship with the customer – think for the long run.
  2. Be honest & ethical – be true to self before the customer.
  3. Be Patience – Everything comes to him who waits…

Nayan Bheda – Founder at Edvantez: Ideas to Execution (5 Steps)

  1. Step 1 – IDEA: Think of a business idea which can be sustainable for minimum 5 years. Find the need and fulfill it, know about the problem which will appear and find the solution.
  2. Step 2 – Business Model: Innovate your business model as per people’s view.
  3. Step 3 – Screw your Idea: Validate your idea (Research & Plan). Listen openly to people’s criticism which will help in getting new views about your idea.
  4. Step 4 – Develop MVP (Minimum viable product): Keep limited features to satisfy early customers, so they provide feedback for future product development.
  5. Step 5 – Test market: Establish Point of Contact.
    After analyzing go back to your idea and develop it according to the gained perspective by all steps.

Note: Provide Value Preposition – The reason which you provide to customer to buy from your organization. Either customer can earn money from you or they can save money & time.
Subhobroto Chakroborty – Founder at Digital Fellow: How to get more leads

  1. Do more content
  2. Understand inbound marketing & buyers journey – think of long term.
  3. Hire competent people.
  4. Learn about buyer’s persona (character).
  5. Don’t copy from others – do Original.
  6. Invest in your website – it is your sales man.

Note: Don’t sell, educate – Share and care leads to success.
Rakesh Kumar – Founder at R.K. Dewan & Co.: IPR

  1. Four ‘I’s of Intellectual property – Idea, Innovation, Invention & Integration.
  2. Types of Intellectual property rights (IPR) include: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Industrial Design, Geographical Indication and plant varieties.
  3. The objective of intellectual property legislators and those who support its implementation appears to be “absolute protection”.

Ajeet Khurana – Mentor at Angel Investors

  1. Be Realistic – accepting things as they are in fact and not making decisions based on unlikely hopes.
  2. Funding is not important in business – it is the idea, what makes your idea different.
  3. Stop attending every event and start focusing on important things to grow your business.
  4. Customer is EVERYTHING.

The points discussed in the session were to motivate and be a beacon to future Entrepreneurs based on experiences of the speakers. The learning was great and would like our organization employees to acquire the same knowledge for their personal and organizational growth.

Anil Shukla
Marketing Executive

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