Dynamics CRM 2011

Dynamics CRM 2011

Dynamics CRM 2011 which is a latest version from CRM software from Microsoft, is really a wonderful product and loads of improvement over its previous version. I thought of listing down few of the features for those who want to have a quick handy feature list.

Tight Integration with Outlook.
The Outlook client of CRM allows users to access the CRM from within the native interface of outlook. It is based on the similar look and feel of Outlook 2010. This reduces the learning curve dramatically.

There are different built in dashboard which allow various users have quick and summarized view of information relevant to their functions. For e.g. the sales manager can have quick access to team performance, sales pipeline etc. User can setup and configure multiple dashboard for monitoring overall performance.

Office 2010 ribbon bar
The latest version of CRM 2011 comes with the Ribbon bar UI similar to office 2010. It is context sensitive and allows easy access to functionality in much better way.

Data Import
The existing customer data can be imported to Dynamics CRM 2011 using import wizards. It is easy to use field mapping based wizard which allows users to import data from other sources to CRM 2011. The data can be imported from Excel based CSV format by appropriately formatting the fields before importing.

User Personalization
Users can personalize the UI interface as per their needs depending upon the functions they do in the organization. Customization is decentralized and users have quick way of creating new views, modifying forms etc.

Mobile Access
Apart from the web-client and native outlook client, users can also use the mobile client to access the CRM information on their handhelds.

Cloud based development and deployment
As against the previous version the newer version allows developed to develop and deploy application based on cloud computing architecture using Azure platform services.

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