Digital Pen Technology

Digital Pen Technology

Digital pens (sometimes known as electronic pens) look and work just like an ordinary pen but capture handwriting and drawings from paper forms and notes.

The digital pen works together with normal paper overprinted with a dot pattern and captures the pen strokes with a tiny camera. Each electronic pen can provide handheld data capture for up to 200 A4 pages of writing and the data can be uploaded by docking it with a PC or via a mobile phone. The electronic data capture system provides the user with an exact image of the handwriting and form. It also translates the handwriting to text which is then used in the back office.

To understand detail working of digital pen, please visit Here is the basic three steps process for demonstrating the working principal of digital pen

Step 1 – Write on Form

Step2 – Image Creation

Step 3 – Hand writing conversion

More can be explored on anoto web site to understand about the technology.

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