An interesting article on ‘TEAMWORK’

An interesting article on ‘TEAMWORK’

With Janmashtami (Dahi Handi) recently gone by, what we witnessed was a show of good team work, just as the people were holding each other supporting each other to get their fellow team member on top…. Something to ingrain from the experiences….

The person on top would not have reached there had it not been the support of the team members down below….and the people below could not have achieved their objective had they not helped a person capable enough to move up!!!!

Further if we look deeper into the pyramid formation, the person who reaches the top may be climbing from just one side of the pyramid with the support of team members from that side, but that does not mean that the other members are ineffective or defunct, in fact just because the other members in the formation are providing that strong support and forming a sturdy chain, hence the person on that side is effectively able to support the other person moving up.

If we look at this through a corporate angle:
Some departments may seem to be directly contributing to the company bottom line (such as the Sales or the production department) but it needs to be understood that had it not been with coordination of other departments such as admin, Finance, HR, etc., the entire organization objective of transacting business would not have been achieved.

At a Team Level:
Speaking about this at a much compact level of working in Teams, if the Team supervisor or Project manager addresses, interacts or coordinates with a specific member or members in the team to relay his directives, it does not mean that only this the only important person contributing to the project and the other members in the team are redundant, in fact the entire team is responsible for the outcome of the project to make (or for that matter break) it.

Hence drawing parallels, just as one loose joint/ link at any level of the pyramid can break the entire chain or may even bring down the whole pyramid so also one disconnected member may affect the morale of the entire team and adversely influence the project/ task outcome.

So everyone has an important role to play whether at the bottom or in the middle or on the top, so let us realize our own worth in the chain of humanity and so also appreciate the presence of others in there…

I we look at it as a societal thought……then let us all join hands together, help each other, try to support each other and try to bring/ raise our fellow beings on top…

It would be so nice to see humanity rising a notch above!!!!

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