Dr. Rabia Khan

Non-Executive Independent Director

Dr. Rabia brings to the board rich financial expertise that includes extensive knowledge of the economics, financial and operational issues, and a deep understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting rules and regulations. As chairperson of the Audit committee, Dr. Rabia, amongst others, is responsible for, providing significant insight into the preparation of financial statements and knowledge of audit procedures.

She nurtures a keen interest in designing and implementing policies and advocacy strategies about evaluation criteria of board, board diversity, governance, nomination and remuneration. Realizing the central role of communication and, because of her personal and particular interest in them, Dr. Rabia built skills in strategic communication and outreach, leading her to supervise stakeholders’ relationship committee. Dr Rabia’s special qualifications for serving on Octaware’s board of directors include extensive knowledge and expertise in financing, governance, communication, and blend of academic insights.

Dr. Rabia holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Aligarh Muslim University and developed research project in the area of econometrics and mathematical economics. Her major research focus is on studying structural adjustment program and food security in India. She has participated in several conferences sharing her learnings and knowledge. Dr Rabia is a passionate and absolutely loves teaching mathematics and science.