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Our Client is world’s largest biopharmaceutical company with a diverse portfolio of proprietary and partnered brands in key therapeutic fields.

Currently Client have several limitations in their IAM framework. It could take a numbers of days for a new employee to gain access to the application they needed. In their current system managers have to email the IT administrator with all the new employee requirement and requesting support team to manually provide access. With others change events such as extensions to access right or deactivation of user accounts after separation were time consuming beside being resource intensive and existing system also raised a question over the security.

Client want to streamline and automate IAM processes and want to empower personnel and ease the burden on IT through web based application.


Octaware Technologies provide a client with web-based Identity and access management system(IAM). Octaware IAM provide a simplified solution for managing personals and access privileges across the business application. IAM help the managers and IT helpdesks with roles, rules and polices.

Octaware IAM automatically routes requests to the appropriate approvers before granting access. IAM provides a business friendly interface that allows a user to request access for themselves and others. IAM also help them with periodic review of user’s access rights monitors as per pre-defined audit policies.

The IAM system ensured that there is no redundancy in setting email accounts and size of email attachments remained in par with the level of authority. Rolebased access control for authenticated access to organisational data was enabled for different levels of employees. IAM system eased the generation of
reports related to late joining, accessing account after resigning etc. for audit purpose.


  • Increased operational efficiency – risk based identity certification reducing overall time to certify, automated repeatable user administration tasks, role consolidation, ease of deployment
  • Reduced time in provisioning and de-provisioning primary accounts (Active Directory and email).
  • Reduction in time spend with auditors in gathering information.
  • Increased security by role-based access control.
  • Streamlined operations and eliminated redundant user IDs.
  • Better service by reduction and elimination of errors.
  • Reduced total cost – single vendor platform for governance, flexible and simplified customization framework, easily attest to regulatory requirements, common connector, standards-based technology.