Case Studies




Firstly, the attendance system at INET was traditionally maintained in the muster registers. Also, the leave system was managed manually. Further, records for social insurances of employees like General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) had to be maintained on Excel spreadsheets. This resulted in time consuming HR processing for salaries at the end of month.

Secondly, their offices being at various locations in Saudi Arabia had decentralized system of HR reports generation. INET thus, required an automated process for managing its HR processes which will incorporate full set of features and at the same time, have software which will have easy-to-use functionality for its not-so-savvy computer users.


Octaware’s PowerERM was implemented at INET which is a web-based application for employee relationship management system. It has all the human resource functionality including employee self-service portal, attendance system, and appraisal system. Saudi Labour Law states that as an employee of any company in Saudi Arabia, he is entitled to End of Service Benefits (ESB). In compliance with Saudi Labour Law, PowerERM was customized for INET to calculate ESB. PowerERM being a web-based application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This meant that previously decentralized reporting system of HR was made unified at the head office of INET. Its easy-to-use features let its users manage the system without any hassles.


  • Eliminated tedious data-entry of employee records
  • Provides a user-friendly process
  • Reduction in paper based processes
  • Increased business productivity and efficiency
  • In compliance with Saudi Labour Law