Case Studies




Client have a problem in identifying and locating some assets within the organizations. They are struggling with monitoring asset movement as they relied on sheets and lists. This method proved ineffective since logging and updating the information associated with each asset was tedious and errorprone. Hence, the absence of an automated way of accurately collecting and compiling their asset data left the organization vulnerable to potential property loss.


Octaware provide a client with barcode and web-based asset tracking solution (iOnAsset) that fits their needs. Our Solution enable the organization to uniquely tag their asset with the barcode and track their allocation and movement.

IOnAsset automate asset-related transaction and record keeping by simply scanning a barcode. Our solution helps them to virtually track any asset, any size from furniture to IT equipment’s. iOnAsset allowed the user to access the data in a centralized database as required.

Octaware solution made it easier for client to manage and track where our assets are, who is responsible for them and help them better allocate their assets.


  • Quickly locate critical equipment.
  • Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets.
  • Detailed Asset Reporting & Auditing.
  • Centralized, Scalable and Secure Database.