Case Studies




EData Tech is a System Integrator Specialized on e-Services Such as ETrading Solutions, Virtual Call centres, Online Banking, Content Management solutions and web accounting systems with high technology implementation and security aspects.

E Data Solutions & Tech Consulting Co. Ltd. has an extensive portfolio of solutions, Stock Market, Banking and Financial and know-how for security brokerage, in addition to other financial services.


In searching for a third-party solution, Client settled on few requirements. The application should be modular, customizable and easy to plugin to augment its e-Brokerage software. This to be integrated with Client main eBrokerage software. The application had to be developed in two editions – client edition and broker edition. And perhaps most importantly, the system should be robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution.

Octaware provided IntelliTrade® which is a cutting-edge analytical and professional tool for stock traders with rapid trading capabilities. It is a comprehensive brokerage management suite that powers a trader to build strategy, analyse the market and seize opportunities with an easy-to-use interface, sophisticated tools, advanced charting, enhanced news feeds and cohesive research capabilities.

Robust Trading Capabilities – One of the primary requirement of Client was that the product should be quick in responding to the market volatility. IntelliTrade® has features such as advanced charting tools, heat maps, news feed, real-time quotes information, intraday charting and rapid order entry screens. Most of the tools are developed for frequent monitoring of liquidity changes in the market. These set of rich features of IntelliTrade® helped Client to provide improved time-to-market capabilities.

Flexibility to integrate with other ETL modules – Client required that there be a communication mechanism between IntelliTrade® and ETL. Each of the query and transaction actions in IntelliTrade® had to be interacted with other ETL modules to fetch and post information. SOAP was used for the inter-application communication between IntelliTrade® and ETL.

Easy-to-Use – The nature of the requirement demanded that the user interface be easy-to-use to achieve rapid trading capabilities. The application was designed using extensive SWING library of JDK. Most of the functional tools were developed such that it could be extended to respond to the custom behaviour of the required functionality.

Bilingual Support – Client is a financial software solution provider based in Jordan, a Middle-East country.

IntelliTrade® is a multi-lingual brokerage management suite which supports the regional language. In this case, it had to be designed to support Arabic.


  • Achieved significant and sustainable cost savings
  • Improved ability to provide value added services with good quality at competitive prices
  • Improved time-to-market capabilities