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Our client is a world’s largest biopharmaceutical company with a 16000 employee in 100 countries. They are using traditional method of paper invoices, spreadsheets, cheques and doing manual checking and approval for reimbursement.

Their existing system generated a significant number of expense and cash advance request per month. Managing this process was an onerous, costly and time-consuming activity that was not germane to their business.

Their challenges were to create a web-based enterprise portal solution which ensure internal and regulatory expense management compliance, exceptional financial control and powerful expenses reporting.


Octaware expense management solution provides complete tracking and reporting for all types of business expenses, including travel, cash advances, reimbursement, approval, and audit and make sure timely and accurate reimbursement of employee expenses. Employee Expense Processing & Reimbursement System (EXPRS) provide employee the ability to enter, submit, review and approve expense reports, regardless of their locations.

EXPRS captures comprehensive and accurate data at every step and database driven workflow eliminates misrouted document, providing a better security, reliability and document control. Alerts the employee and managers on action requiring their attention via email attention process.

EXPRS allow them to monitor and track spending per supplier and leverage information to negotiate to improve travel-related contracts and benefits for employee and the organization. EXPRS have a built-in feature, which they can use to increase compliance with expense policies and ensure reporting of all the expenditures. EXPRS is a fully integrated with the core financial system streamlines the expense processing function, eliminates the cost and errors related with duplicates entries and provide faster cycle times for all sort of payments.


  • Streamlined Processing of business travel and relocation expenses and configurable reimbursement process steps with customized reimbursement policies.
  • Consistent user interface and simplified data entry for expense reporting.
  • User-defined per diem functionality and workflow approvals with configurable distribution lists
  • Organizational change management workflow.
  • Automatic exception notification and auditing capabilities with complete integration with enterprise resource planning.
  • Get 100 percent, end-to-end visibility of every expense.
  • Leverage spending data to drive savings and negotiate improved vendor rates
  • User-defined policy definitions with multiple employee authority.
  • Individual or group employee profiles.