Case Studies


MS SharePoint


Our client is a largest global speciality packing company functions through 25 state-of-the-art facilities in 12 countries. They currently used traditional inefficient and unreliable paper based system to report the incident detail.

Their challenges was to create a web-based enterprise-wide incident reporting program which create a system that help them to reduce cost and reporting latency, giving stakeholders fast access to the critical facts of any incidents.


Octaware provide a portal solution which enable the client to initiate, record and manage incident more efficiently. This solution provides a standardized incident reporting process and centralized web-based system for the creation, distribution, investigation and remediation of incident reports.

The system provide a universally accessible and easily searchable central repository of current and historical events. The Solution make available important information which ensure timely incident analysis, investigation and corrective action remediation.


  • Greatly increases the speed to which incident information can be collected and disseminated
  • Prevent incidents by identifying issues early and focusing investments efficiently
  • Increase productivity by minimizing time spent on incident management
  • Create transparency and standardization with standard templates, task tracking, and analytical reporting
  • Provide instant dashboard visibility of key metrics and corporate-wide incidents data
  • Compare incidents data across sites, business units, or your entire business