Case Studies




Client use a traditional method of procurement cycle using an email from receiving request from employee to selecting a vendor and procure any requirement from them. This cycles are time consuming and inefficient, when the goods or services have to manually process using a combination of phone calls and emails. The client wants to replace it with more advanced management system which streamline procurement cycles.


Octaware provided a client with web-based procurement solution (eQuire) that fits their needs. The solution streamline and fully integrates procurement lifecycle phases such as strategy development, supplier identification, evaluation and implementation.

Octaware eQuire provide a client with complete automated online mechanism for submitting a purchase request, generate a request for price quote, evaluation of vendor’s quotation and issuing a LPO (local purchase order) with automate approval flows.

Our eQuire solution enable the client to have a better collaboration with suppliers. eQuire help them capture a detail of what they’re buying from and how much they spending, supplier performance and order tracking and quality of good or services.


  • Increased productivity and offers low operational variability.
  • Reduce work time and Increase flexibility.
  • Eliminate human error, track and manage expenses.
  • Control claims, costs and speed up claims processing.