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Our client is primarily entrusted with the responsibility to audit the accounts of the Government, Public and Private Sector entities. They promote accountability, transparency and good governance through high quality auditing and accounting and provide independent assurance to our stakeholders, the Legislature, the Executive and the Public, that public funds are being used efficiently and for the intended purposes.

Their existing system generated a significant number of audit reports. They used massive file cabinets to store all audit-related documentation, resulting in long document search and retrieval time and managing this process was an onerous, costly and time-consuming activity.

They want to create a web-based enterprise portal solution which help them organize their documents, ensure internal as well as regulatory compliance, have powerful retrieval and reporting tools. In addition, they wanted a system that could meet their archiving needs while allowing it to provide optimal audit services.


Octaware provide them portal solution with enterprise content management system that support sophisticated approval process, a complex and flexible numbering scheme for document tracking.

Octaware portal Solution also provide automate documents capture and indexing. After documents are scanned in, documents barcodes to automatically retrieve and add necessary metadata from the database. It also simplified records management by automating the process of removing or updating pertinent portions of files after specific intervals. Alerts the employee on action requiring their attention via email attention process.

ECM captures comprehensive and accurate data at every step and database driven workflow eliminates misrouted document, providing a better security, reliability and document control.


  • Unified interface to access documents across all repositories, and LOB data360 degree consolidated view of client business relationships.
  • Enterprise Search consolidated search index across all systems and repositories.
  • Allowing access to the scanned documents while preserving integrity of the originals.
  • Easy interface with Line of Business (LOB) applications.
  • Automatic exception notification and auditing capabilities with complete integration with enterprise resource planning.
  • Single unified interface to collect information across all applications resulting in reduction in processing time, effort involved and probability of errors.
  • System generated email notifications and reminders for pending audits.
  • Real time end to end tracking of audits.