Case Studies


MS SharePoint


Octaware deployed Corporate portal with separate subsites representing every department. The portal is powered by Microsoft SharePoint for managing content and collaboration sites. Octaware also developed custom web parts for video gallery, image gallery, news rollup, flash announcements, Messages etc. to provide rich user experience.

Octaware corporate portal provide them with custom workflow and quick step which allow users to start approval and publication. It also has associated publishing workflow for home page contents such as Events, Messages and welcome.

Octaware also integrated their case management solution with corporate portal from where case managers access, create, manage and monitor all the case-based process. It also helps them to retrieve all content and document. The new integrated internet/extranet helps them to have an instant access to key data and also preserved continuity and allowed valuable information to be delivered to users.


Octaware provided a client with web-based procurement solution (eQuire) that fits their needs. The solution streamline and fully integrates procurement lifecycle phases such as strategy development, supplier identification, evaluation and implementation.

Octaware eQuire provide a client with complete automated online mechanism for submitting a purchase request, generate a request for price quote, evaluation of vendor’s quotation and issuing a LPO (local purchase order) with automate approval flows.

Our eQuire solution enable the client to have a better collaboration with suppliers. eQuire help them capture a detail of what they’re buying from and how much they spending, supplier performance and order tracking and quality of good or services.


  • The unified portal empowered them to easily manage and publish content such as announcements, job postings, events, business reports.
  • Portal help them with customized work flows and forms which streamlined data collection, automating process and reducing errors and manual effort.
  • With Rich interface page designs allowed users to add rich content such as images and video.
  • Ability to select content, rich graphical business intelligence reports and forms into dashboards to suit their working needs.
  • Overall operational costs have reduced substantially.
  • Integrated search that spans content and people allowed employees to quickly find content that is relevant to their work and easily collaborate with co-workers and business partners.
  • Consistent UI with Customized Top Navigation and Quick Launch, providing easy access to information.