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Our Client is responsible to protect and enhance human rights according to international standards for human rights in all aspects, and to promote public awareness thereof and participate in ensuring implementation of the same in light of the provisions of Shari’ah.

They are using traditional method for managing complaints, audit and initiatives which are paper based. This system lacks adequate data and process governance, exhibited low data quality, required numerous workflow which are very difficult to maintain and modify. They want to replace this traditional system with web-based application which automate their system and increase
their productivity.


Octaware Case management solution provides a unified platform which enable them to create, manage and monitor all the case-based process which help them to increase process management, reduce cycle times and improve productivity and decision making. Octaware case management solution also includes documents, data, social media, video, audio, images and GPS data.

Octaware CMS help them make content processes consistent across the department and give case manager control and help them verify vital information’s. CMS also address internal investigations, risk assessment and provide Case managers with the ability to access to a wide range of information and analytic data. CMS ensures that investigation is completed efficiently and on timely basis adhering to international polices and regulations.

With CMS dashboard provides all the data necessary for the case managers to manage, handle cases and assign work to the team related to respective cases.


  • Unite departments at an Organization level: – Open the doors of communication between departments with a single united system that acts as a centralized hub for creating and managing regulatory reports.
  • Provide an automated workflow: – Define processes and create multiple, automated workflows for various types of cases
  • Facilitate collaboration among various teams: – Provides a common repository for cross-channel and crossdepartment data and shared workflow tools that ease information sharing issues while reducing administrative costs.
  • Access meaningful information on demand: – Simplifies business processes by automating and categorizing work allocations.
  • Access meaningful information on demand: – Create customized reports, detailed documentation of investigations necessary for supervisor review.
  • Get a broad view of Citizens relationships: – Link structured and unstructured data to analyse and review both current and historical cases across the organization. You can also grant permissions for access between departments.