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Our Client is a is the official source of all statistical data and processes in the State of Qatar. They provide statistical data to data users in all public and private sectors and agencies, regional and international organizations and individuals. It provides data and information on recent indicators of interest to planners, researchers, decision-makers and policy-makers, while meeting their needs of information to establish various development programs to serve the Nation, citizens, and all members of the community.

Their current field data collection system involves an authorized enumerator, who collects the field data manually with paper and pen. This method is time consuming and painstaking one and enumerator have to do dual work of collecting the data on paper and then feeding it in computer. This also takes a vast amount of manpower into it. The information is subjected to change as it is taken as a written work on a paper.

Our Client keen to keep up with the latest up-to-date technological developments, so they decide to go with Android application which will be used in the field data collection.


Octaware created a modern survey application designed on Android platforms, such as tablets, Smartphone to leverage the power and ubiquity of these device. This give surveyors access to all their electronic surveys on their tablets. With internet connection data collected on field directly transmitted to centralized data collection centre.

With this new system in place, the data integrity was massively improved and as soon as the field work for data collection was completed, the results and reports were instantly become available.

Application provides them with greatly improve data standardization and work flow, reduce data entry errors, and decrease time to finalized data. Application also ensure that data collection was secure and have high level of confidentiality of personal data.


  • Instant data capturing at the point of collection, reducing manual input errors.
  • Offline Data Capture – collect data in areas with low or no internet connectivity.
  • Immediate data validation, reducing reverifications at later stage.
  • Time effective with real time logical validation rules, reducing logical errors.
  • Faster processing of census information leading to timely availability of results.
  • Integration of geospatial data; other value-added data.
  • The team spends less time on tasks that are resource-intensive and low priority and time is freed up to concentrate on projects that can add more value to the resulting analysis