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The client has more than 1,200 valued and dedicated employees and they were not connected to each other to share their knowledge and any corporate information. Also, they had not any IT support application to resolve the internal hardware, software, and network-related issues. The client’s HR and Support team wanted to implement a CMS-enabled intranet portal application that can connect the employee, share information, and improve the support system of the organization. Some of the main requirements were:
  • Create an Information Portal to share the organization announcement, events, and other information with employee
  • Enable the employee Social Connect and Messaging to share the information
  • Centralized repository for the HR team to share the processes and guidelines documents with employees
  • Automate the Support and Helpdesk system in the organization to resolve the IT-related issue quickly.


Octaware proposed a CMS-based Intranet Portal adhering to publishing the organizational Information, employee social connection, knowledge sharing, and automating the IT helpdesk to help streamline the connectivity and improve the overall support system. The solution is beneficial to the various teams of the clients – their HR team, Network Engineer, and employees.

Octaware has successfully developed and delivered the web application, build-in WordPress content management system, WordPress in-build, and custom plugins.

The Intranet Portal is developed as a Responsive-design of the user which helps users to use the application on devices like desktops, mobile, and tables. The application interface combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This makes it flexible while still being easy to use.

The following is a list of some of the features of the application.

  • Easy access & sharing of information: Employees can connect to each other and can share the information with individuals or within a team or group
  • Organization Board: Employees can see new joinee and employee of the month.
  • Organization Dashboard: Organization can publish the event, news, and announcement on the dashboard.
  • Group Creation: Employees can create any group related to the department or work and discuss on group related topics
  • Automated IT Support system and Helpdesk: Employees can raise the support request/ticket with the help of the application and discuss the issue with the support agent.
  • HR Guideline and process documents: Employees can read the HR Guideline and download the process documents listed on the portal


The Intranet portal has been successfully deployed on production and used by all employees with the below benefits.

  • Employees are easily able to share information related to projects and personal
  • HR team can publish the event, news, announcement, new Joinee, and employee of the month on the dashboard.
  • Making smooth communication between a group of specific departments
  • IT Support Team can manage their ticket nicely in one place. Employees can easily track requests in the application
  • HR team can uploads the process document and provides the guidelines to employees