Scientific Research with IIT, Bombay

At Octaware we believe that just doing ‘so-much’ for the society is not enough, we need to do that ‘something extra’ to impact the lives of individuals.

Another reason fuelling this rapid adoption of CSR is the state of Indian society. Though India is one of the fastest-growing economies, socio-economic problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare, etc., are still ubiquitous and the government has limited resources to tackle these challenges. This scenario has opened several areas for businesses to contribute to social development.

There are over 70 million children in India with developmental disabilities needing therapy, in addition to temporary disablement including accidental strains, paralysis attacks, post-surgery rehabilitation, and sports injury. The quantity of care for such therapy exists but the productivity of recovery is very slow with the use of manual physiotherapy apparatus.

It is in this context that Octaware has done Angel Funding to a start-up venture TRANSPACT® which aspires to provide integrated physiotherapy solutions to the exceptional children, old age group and temporary disabled of all sections of society utilizing its research and development fund.

The objective is to conduct research, design and develop a vestibular device for automating the physiotherapy required for cerebral palsy kids, initially for SAARTHI School for Special Children and later upon successful trial, introduce this device in the market for all child development centers, physiotherapy centers, hospitals, and individuals.

The Research, Prototype, and Development would be done by IIT Bombay, IDC division and further testing and stabilization of the Vestibular device would be done on the cerebral kids of SAARTHI School for Special Children. The vestibular device will accelerate the recovery by 5 times and since no such device is existing in the market, it has a great opportunity of contributing towards the upliftment of this segment of the society.