Cancer-Aid Project

One of our unique initiatives for corporate social responsibility was launching a Cancer-Aid project partnering with the RIDA Foundation, Mumbai, to provide financial assistance to the needy cancer patients for their treatment and purchase of medicines by utilizing the received interest accrued due to using the bank facility out of business need.

Every day hundreds of poor patients come to Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) from across the country because they have been told they have cancer. Often they come with nothing and when given the cost estimate for their initial tests or initiation of treatment many simply turn down, as they could not even afford the initiation costs for treatment. A study found that there was a drop out of 20%.

To overcome this, Octaware came up with the Cancer-Aid Project which is aimed at poor patients who are unable to afford the initial costs of diagnosis and early treatment.

Donations have also been made to the Charitable Trust, which is actively involved in elevating the sufferings of the Cancer and Diabetic patients through various treatments to all sections of society. Despite having undertaken these activities, we understand that there is still so much to do, and a lot more that can be done.