SAARTHI School For Special Children

Having a baby is the happiest moment in a parent’s life, but not if the child is in any way less endowed. When a healthy child is born, it is a special gift from God, and there is a celebration across the entire household. Alas, for a child born with any deformities there is no celebration. The mentally retarded or developmentally disabled child is treated like an unwanted guest to the society, but still, for the parents, it is an unusual gift. But at times even the parents don’t recover from the shock and start considering them as a burden. Consequently, they withdraw from society and start treating the child as a liability.

There are over 70 million children in India with developmental disabilities and over 8.5 million in Mumbai alone.

The care for such children is very limited, and when it exists, the quality is variable. It is in this context that SAARTHI aspires to provide integrated care to the exceptional children of all sections of society, irrespective of financial considerations.

SAARTHI School for Special Children, a non-profit organization supported by Octaware Technologies under its Corporate Social responsibility provides academic, vocational, medical, and psychological support to the exceptional children.