National Association for the Blind
(NABET) Projects

Training & Employment – Visually Impaired Software Manual Testing professionals
This project aims to generate employment for the blind and visually impaired by providing the training on manual software testing, especially accessibility testing.

This is an initiative from NABET towards giving quality training for visually impaired people who have completed their studies and seeking a job. The main goal of this course is to make the candidate employable by providing manual software testing knowledge and making them efficient in using computers and carrying out quality assurance jobs independently.

How Octaware Created Employability @ NABET

Octaware has conducted a program “Train the Trainer” where senior QA consultants of Octaware developed courseware and trained the NABET trainers in its Mumbai development center who in turn have started training visually impaired professionals in NABET Manesar center to achieve the goal of creating employability for these trained and skilled visually impaired professionals.

NABET’s & Octaware association has paid great results. Introductory courses in Software testing and Internet-based applications has been pivotal in creating employment for 25 visually challenged agents at NABET’s center. It is working actively in increasing the number of beneficiaries and is working to create employment for around 50 visually challenged by year-end.

Online Hotel & Spa Portal to be developed and operated by the Visually Challenged
Octaware was contacted by NASSCOM Foundation to utilize its skill, experience, and expertise for the benefit of the Visually Challenged for some initiatives with NABET (National Association for the Blind). Octaware readily agreed to be an active partner in this noble cause and as such has decided to partner with NABET to develop an exciting project to provide un-thought-of employment initiatives for the visually challenged.

NABET is a registered NGO committed to provide employment to the visually impaired and also runs various welfare schemes for them. Providing employment to the trained visually challenged people is its flagship project. Training for development of IT/ITES skill, marketing skills, e-commerce industry, etc. are some of the areas of such skill development project that NABET Manesar along with global technology partners shall nurture and thereby provide employment at its center. NABET shall enable the visually challenged to the modern hi-tech, IT/ ITES jobs to keep pace with the changing times. Moreover, it shall train and employ such individuals at its center. It espouses the fundamental principle of equal rights for handicapped people as incorporated in the UN Rights for equal opportunities and a life of self-worth and dignity.

As per the project NABET has envisioned a hotel/spa booking project as a sustainable venture towards the employability of its visually challenged community in line with the overall objective. Another organization has agreed to be the Information Technology partner to provide the hosting and maintenance for the online portal.

Octaware will be associating with this project on a strategic level and will be the Information Technology Auditor for the project free-of-charge as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Octaware will provide overall guidance and will be the signing off authority in terms of the portal roadmap, functionality, and timelines.