Case Studies


MS SharePoint


The HR Helpdesk is an application which has already been implemented at client site. The client required additional enhancements to the existing application as below.
  • Escalations during weekdays and weekends
  • Notifications to show status of tickets exceeding agreed TAT
  • Reassignment and approval of tickets
  • Dashboards for new and open cases and history of old cases


Octaware proposed and customized 25 enhancement requirements to the HR Helpdesk application after discussion and finalization with the client. The enhancements were implemented successfully within a span of 4 months.


The HR CR Intranet portal has been successfully deployed on production and used by all employees with the below benefits.
  • Requesters are easily able to raise a request.
  • All the authorized users can see all records with an open limit for dashboards.
  • HR users can reassign tickets from one group to another easily.
  • Requester can forward a request for a third-party (Line Manager) approval.
  • RT users can forward a request for a third-party (Line Manager) approval.
  • On each activity respective user will be notified.
  • TAT calculation is working as excepted.
  • RT user able to see all his group closed tickets.
  • Requester users can reopen their tickets.
  • All the users can see all the details of the ticket in one place.
  • Based on status selection template will be displayed in the comment input box.