Dr. Krishnan Narayanan

With 25+ years of experience in the Financial Services Tech sector, he optimizes his organizational and leadership skills to bring value to customers and help them achieve business goals. Having managed the inhouse and vendor offshore development centres for a large FS institution, he possesses:

Strong analytical and program management competencies, and a proven ability to build and manage large, multi-cultural teams

Expertise in the development, delivery and support of high-performance and cost-effective business solutions

Extensive qualifications in all aspects of the software life cycle. Supported technologies have spanned Web-based (Angular, J2EE, DOTNET), Mobile (ionic, Android/iOS), Cloud, Devops, Security, Analytics, Client/Server, RDBMS, Mainframe, AS/400, WindowsNT, UNIX & LINUX etc.

He is extremely passionate about using technology for the benefits of education. He has been pursuing this passion by setting up Nihon Edutech, a learning experience platform and eLearning firm, nearly 10 years ago. This was specifically set up to help employees pick up business, technical, language, and soft skills for achieving learning excellence in the just-in-time and fast-paced world they work in.

He completed a PhD in Management to skill himself in organization development, specifically to make learning more effective in organizations via expert micro-coaching interventions.

Today, @Nihon Edutech, they leverage this learning experience platform to help their customers solve challenges with skilling in a short time. They are continuously innovating and developing solutions that drive competence and lead to better business results for their customers.

How They Bring Value For Skilling

  • Enable learners to self-manage their learning in line with career goals
  • Promote micro-coaching to achieve learning effectiveness
  • Help conduct effective assessments to measure and develop talent
Why Them For Skilling?
Their goal is simple. They seek to speed skilling by helping learners self-develop and trainers support learners through micro-coaching interventions. If you want to achieve this goal, you will find a simple, easy-to-use solution that helps you succeed.